Individual Career Guidance Session


A one-hour video call session for your teen and you, to talk through their ideas, plans, and questions about education, training, and future careers, and create a plan for their next steps.

These sessions are great if you and your teen:

  • feel a little confused about all the choices and want some tailored support to discuss your teen's options
  • want a chance to talk through their current plans and check if they are suitable
  • want to discuss worries and questions about their plans
  • simply feel a bit confused and lost because they don't have any specific career ideas yet and therefore struggle to figure out their next step.

They can give both of you some reassurance that there are options for everyone, work out which next step might work best for your teen, and create an individual plan for further research, applications, etc.

You are welcome to join the session of course, and I would recommend you are around at the start just to ensure they are set up properly and feel comfortable chatting with me.

We will focus on what is most relevant to you and your child at their stage of education. For example, discussions could include:

  • Making GCSE options choices
  • College course choices
  • Apprenticeships and University
  • What may be required for particular career choices, or how they can keep their future options as flexible as possible.

You can also book a session just for yourself as their parent if you would like some time to find out about all the options in general and get your own questions answered. Maybe you have several kids at different stages and want to get an overview of all the things available so you can support them, or your teen doesn't feel quite ready for an individual guidance session, but you would like to talk through some options and questions for them.

How it works:

  1. Following the checkout steps by pressing "Add to Cart"
  2. Pick the date that better fits your schedule and book a session directly after checking out
  3. We have the session
  4. I send you follow-up notes via email.

I will ask for some background information before the session (either via email or during a short consultation call) to make sure we make the most out of our meeting with you and your teen. After the session, you will receive some written notes on the topics discussed for your future reference, and when appropriate I will provide you with some websites to help your teen and you get started on further research.


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