Career Inspiration Booklet


Inspiration for future careers: 24 pages of career suggestions by area of interest, including suggestions of web resources for more detailed exploration.

Help your teen get some career inspiration and find out about possible future careers that link with the subjects they love!

So often we have interests or subjects we would love to continue with after our education, but we have no idea what jobs might relate to them. This digital booklet provides your teen and you with plenty of inspiration for possible future careers by giving lots of examples of careers by area of interest or subject.
It's a great way to give your teen some ideas that they can explore, and some reassurance that whatever they are interested in, there is a wide range of careers that relate to it.

Each of the 24 sections includes suggestions of related careers, as well as a selection of web resources to help your teen to start their research.

You will be able to download the booklet immediately after completing your order. Either via the download link on the confirmation page or from the link in your confirmation email.


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